Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hot yoga!

I am always a bit over-optimistic with regard to these minor lung ailments - really they must be respected, they move slowly through various stages (last night my wheezing while asleep seems to have been loud enough that B. had to retreat to another room!), but it's been killing me to be getting so little exercise. The 1hr hot yoga class was perfect - I did feel rather queasy at various points, but lungs were pretty ok.

Will have 1 short run with Max again tomorrow morning and then fly back to NYC later in the day - might take a dip in the pool later (non-athletic), as if I don't get any sunburn, nobody will know I have been on "vacation"! Really I had a productive work day yesterday & now need to have another one today, plus half-day tomorrow before heading to airport....

1hr hot yoga

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