Saturday, February 1, 2014


It turned into absolutely glorious running weather: low 40s, sunny, very little wind. I dramatically scaled back my original plans due to fatigue - really this week's been a bit of a disaster as far as exercise goes, I worked too much and too hard and had a number of social and work commitments that took me out for too many evenings. Didn't make it to spin this morning, slept in instead, and then after late-morning breakfast I basically went back to bed for most of the rest of the day - I was too tired even to read an undemanding book, which for me is saying a lot! So no long run, but a very lovely short one along the river in the last bit of light before sunset. Need to reconceive how I will handle this semester's exercise schedule - I have three weeks before I'm going to B.'s again, I should try and exercise almost every day even if it's only for half an hour....

:43, c. 4mi

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