Thursday, January 1, 2015

Spin/run #5/?

I felt incredibly lucky to be heading down to Chelsea Piers for a midday workout: my lungs still aren't quite right, but I am feeling cautiously optimistic. Joanna was teaching today, it was a very demanding class! (Hit the so-called red zone a bunch of times, a.k.a. Friel zone 5a.) Wasn't sure temperatures would rise enough to run outside and also thought it wiser to consolidate workouts, so I went down to the sand volleyball court and did a short but intense 20-minute run workout, a modified version of the one from Coach Dave which involved hills but comparable numbers to celebrate the arrival of 2015: 5min warmup, then 15 x (:20 hard, :40 walking recovery). Did the first one as :30/:30 but it was too hard that way, I didn't have enough recovery to do a good job with the next interval! (Running on sand is the most amazing exercise.)

40min spin
20min run with 15 x :20 hard, :40 recovery

As a postscript, I will add that I thought this piece about the decline of the "third place" in recent years was singularly shortsighted. First of all, women in the 1960s and 1970s never had recourse to bars as viable "third place" in anything like the quantities men did. Also, how does he not think at all of exercise-related places? Yoga studio, spin class, gym are all places that really confirm to that original vision....

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