Tuesday, May 26, 2015


That was extremely satisfying. Didn't sleep well, woke up too early and was restless, so it wasn't hard to get up. Did my 30min treadmill workout FIRST (whatever the first workout is will be higher-quality than the second, and in this case it seemed wiser to do the self-directed one while I still had more energy), then Marlene's 6am spin class, which was very good. Alas, she's away at a conference this weekend and there won't be a class Thursday morning....

:30 treadmill as 4 x (4:1), then 1min fast (7mph, 8:34), 2min recovery

1hr spin as 20 x (2min work, 1min recovery) with a wide variety of work (high-cadence, seated climb/standing climb, standing climb/jumps, etc.)

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