Thursday, April 7, 2016


Great relief to be back in the supremely soothing atmosphere of powerlifting club (it was a particularly calm day). Felt somewhat under the weather all day, not sure if it's allergies or lack of sleep or both, but I do feel better now that I lifted and ate some food. Josh had me on the safety squat bar again doing a different main set, I think the total workout was as follows:

safety squat bar: 10 x 3 x 95
goblet squats, 32.5lb with 5-second hold at the bottom: 2 x 10
100 hamstring curls with mini-bands (curiously much harder than the dumbbell hamstring curls I usually do)

I am pretty happy with the functionality of my squatting just now (and the safety squat bar, for whatever reason, corrects the tendency I have to swing the right end of the bar around at the bottom). Also, my knee finally got better! I haven't been having any of that IT band or spasm-type stuff and ALSO I just suddenly realized while squatting today that it's been several weeks since I noticed the pain of turning over in bed (there is a name for this!). Happy about that, obviously - it was quite painful in November but has still been impinging on things since then, good riddance!

1hr lower body

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