Thursday, April 14, 2016


Non-exclamatory - I started out OK but I think I was working with a lot of fatigue to begin with and couldn't come close to doing the assigned sets. Technique problems linger also - I worked out a lot of the minor points pretty well, but my torso still has an unhelpful tendency to lean forward especially once I'm growing tired. Allergies plus the time in the school year are both also bringing me down!

So I think it was instead:

6, 4, 3 @ 105

And the rest of the workout was a bit of a grind too, none of the exercises that I find especially enjoyable (the logistics of tethering ankles with bands are a pain!):

3 x 8 Bulgarian split squats @ 10lb

4 x 25 hamstring curls with bands

100 hip thrusts with band

200 abs with band

1:20 or so lower body

Now I had better go and get some serious food before I have a total meltdown!

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