Friday, September 23, 2016

Meager run update!

I was glad I had finished with my "100 in 100" project as this week of travels really was impossible for exercise.  I am gradually coming to terms with the fact that as a bad sleeper and an anxious traveler, I really just am not going to have even a short run on a day when I've left home very early for the airport - one of my online run teammates had an amazing tale of having exercised in an airport by running up and down stairs with her backpack and all, but that is frankly NOT ME!  So, in the way of excuses or explanations:

Monday: only slept about 3 hours, left home c. 5:30 for 8:30 flight from JFK to LAX (7hr).  Brent's cousin kindly picked me up at the airport and drove me to Anaheim, we had food and drink, by the time she left I'd already had several drinks and also it was 8pm east coast time and I was just DONE - took a sleeping pill and went to bed.  (Oh, and I was greeted at airport in LA with message from Phillips Lifeline about B.'s  mother, who'd had a couple falls - upshot was one more fall later the paramedics took her to the emergency room and she was being transferred to respite care for broken ankle.)

Tuesday morning: should have been able to run as was up early but we had complex calling around to do about status on B.'s mother and I just couldn't make myself do it.  Checkout time at hotel was 11, we went to LAX and after a slightly complex check-in procedure then spent about 10 hours in the flagship lounge waiting for 10:55pm flight to Sydney.

Wednesday didn't exist as we were on a plane for fourteen hours and date line meant we arrived in Sydney early Thursday morning!  Amazingly we WERE able to check in to our hotel even though it was only 8am or so, that was a blessing.  Got some sleep on the  plane but really again it was just unrealistic to exercise, I didn't have it in me.

Friday: set alarm for 6 but jet lag is killing me - I was awake at 4, lay quietly in bed for a couple hours and finally just got up before the alarm went off and went out for a very lovely run along the harbor.  :45 easy.

Saturday: set alarm for 6 again but it took me so long to fall asleep and then I couldn't STAY asleep either, around 5 I turned off the alarm because I was so tired and frazzled I thought it was more important to try and get a bit more sleep (friends are visiting from Melbourne for the weekend and activities will be required), but since I still just couldn't sleep at all I grudgingly got  up around 6 and went for a run - pretty nice of course but I am just horribly tired, my eyeballs feel as though they have been rubbed with sandpaper!  :30 easy and then 6 x :30 hill on the very good hill leading up  to hotel entrance for a total of about :40.

There is a decent gym in the hotel and I want to be lifting as well but it has so far been incompatible  with other arrangements, in particular timing of tourism and meals - I am reconciled to that, the daily run is the most valuable thing I think.  But I could really use a night of sleep!

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