Thursday, September 1, 2016

Upper body

I may have slightly overdone it today, either in over-exercising (haven't slept well this week) or in under-fueling - also got completely soaked to the skin mid-afternoon on the way to getting my allergy shots, with no spare clothes to change into (I was just wearing the workout gear I rode down in & would wear for lifting), so I was shivering in the cafe with hot tea and a strong craving for sugar (that I resisted satisfying).  I did an adequate but uninspired job with the workout - my triceps started out already really sore from Tuesday's workout and it kinda went downhill from there! - and the bike ride home seemed so arduous I wasn't sure I was going to make it!  Have inhaled cheese and dried fruit and feel significantly more normal now, so I do think it was fueling - will be more careful in future....

:45 upper body circuit: 5 x 1:00 tempo medicine ball, 3 x 10 flat db press on bench @ 22.5 (I had NOTHING!), 6 x (30 alternating triceps miniband pulldown, 20 pushdown).  Called it there as I knew I still had to ride home and it wasn't going to be pretty!

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