Monday, September 11, 2017


Ah, I overdid it today - not at the gym, but re: work/in general. I could tell I was just pushing too hard (also the weekend was tiring, I finished a big fellowship application yesterday and was also experiencing emotional distress re: death of Michael Friedman and general sense of mortality and loss as it is affecting people I care about including and especially G.); I lecture Mondays 2:40-3:55 which means I need to have all my gym stuff with me and get straight on the subway, at 23rd St. I just missed a bus and decided to walk instead, but as I reached the gym I realized that I subjectively felt so tired that I thought I was about to die! It was better once I'd warmed up and started working out, but once I was done, I was DONE - threw my stuff together and got into a cab without showering and changing as I felt only one change of clothes, into NIGHTGOWN, was in order. Felt rather queasy in cab home, was a little worried when a neighbor detained elevator about whether I might actually be sick, in fact it wasn't quite that bad but stomach only just now settled by seltzer - sure sign of emotional stress and overwork. Hahaha, it's only one week into the semester, this doesn't bode well!

Anyway it really was a good workout, I felt pretty strong - that said, when I left, we were still very gently easing back into proper work and now we're clearly in the thick of it, so I will continue to use my lowball 1-rep max numbers to calculate work....

(1) deadlift 5 x 2 @ 201 (a slightly lowballed 85%) (felt pretty good about this work set!)
(2) hex bar 2 x 20 @ 110 (for ladies - men had 135)
(3) circuit x 4: single-arm row 20 @ (can't remember - 22.5? 27.5?), 20 x 20 farmers walk (just did 12kg kettlebells, nothing heavy)
(4) hammer curls 4 x 15 @ 12.5

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