Wednesday, September 13, 2017

T/W update

Term-time workload is overwhelming! I am really barely keeping my head above water. I did run in the morning yesterday, and it was good (40 easy as 2:1), but the day got sucked up in lunch with a colleague (very nice) and a mid-afternoon doctor's appointment in midtown (I greeted with delight the rec a few years ago that Pap smear is not an ANNUAL necessity, but one does need to get it done now and again), then to lift in Chelsea, and about halfway through the workout I was just DONE. We had a circuit first, I was fine for that but used overly heavy weights for first 2 sets of DB floor press, and then when we got to the bench set (the point is that you are doing it with some fatigue already built up) it was JUST NOT HAPPENING - failed at 7 of 10 reps at 85, lowered weight for second set to 80 and failed again after 7, threw in the towel and just did the 2 minor remaining things and fell into a cab home....

This morning had a lot of work to do still for teaching prep, I was just too out of it last night to do anything other than reread some of Defoe's Journal of the Plague Year, and was feeling rather dreadful. Got the more complicated class reading and prep done, got out for run midday and do indeed feel rather better now: 40 easy as 2:1. Will do the longer mid-week one tomorrow when I am less frazzled!

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