Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Short run

I'm hanging in there, but with head barely above the water - time to activate extreme conservation of energy mode! I didn't run this morning, because I really had to reserve all willpower for getting NYPL fellowship application finished and submitted, and reading and prepping my teaching for tomorrow. There was a certain amount of huddling in bed with anxiety stomach-ache after that, but I took a nap and felt better after that, just got out for 30 minutes as 2:1 easy. It was more realistic not to even think about getting downtown to lift (the heat isn't helping, it makes everything mroe taxing than it would be otherwise). Tuesday evenings at 7:30 were the best time we could find for my weekly French lesson, so I needed to save a little vim for that as well (and tomorrow is taxing too, still very hot I think and I have 8am appointment to get a minor old filling replaced - shouldn't take long - and a stressful department meeting 12-2, in addition to subsequent lectures/office hours/teaching meeting). Crazy week - but having that fellowship app in is a great relief. Only one other one after this, and I believev it's not due till the end of November - I have a short essay due the 30th of this month that will havve to be a week or so late, and one other essay to write in the next couple months, but it's not an insane load assuming other stuff quiets downn a little....

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