Monday, October 2, 2017


You know things really got crazy when I lose the daily exercise logging!

I did run Thursday, just 30 easy as 2:1 before packing and leaving for my mid-evening flight. Felt very queasy in the stop-and-go traffic en route to the airport, combination of stress/distress and not eating anything post-run - will have to be a bit more careful, I am at outer edge of stress limits and need to take better care of things!

Friday was always out, I only brought run gear to Ottawa in case something else happened and I got stuck there. Thought I'd be able to run at home Saturday, but early flight was mega-delayed and the rest of the day was a write-off, I was asleep for much of it and then asleep again for 12 hours overnight - really had reached my limit!

Very nice run Sunday when I got up, 90 minutes as 4:1.

Very nice short run just now (usually I take Monday off just now, but having missed a couple recent days I thought it was worthwhile - also I have canceled powerlifting for this week and next week, I have a work conflict this evening anyway but it's the one obvious thing I can cut out to simplify things - if it were right round the corner, it would be different, but it's an hour each way or else an expensive taxi and right now I just don't have the emotional wherewithal!). 30 as 2:1.

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