Sunday, October 15, 2017

Thursday was a travel day, Friday I had a lovely half-hour in the East River Flats in Minneapolis but then stabbed myself in the eye accidentally with a hairbrush and didn't have wherewithal to blog (did see a doctor later in the day, who diagnosed very superficial scratch that didn't need antibiotics). Saturday was a writeoff again, I was home by 2 or so but I'd had a 6:30 taxi pickup at the hotel in Minneapolis which meant that I barely slept due to the usual irrational anxiety about waking up on early airport days, so I just took a nap and surfaced only in order to eat an early dinner (having missed lunch) and basically go back to bed.

Long sleep and dozy useless day, really I've been overdoing it, I need some downtime. Just got out for 30 easy as 2:1 in last bit of light, feel better now I've done that and showered, gonna go and find something to eat now....

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