Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Friday and Sunday were write-offs due to travel and fatigue. Saturday I said no to human contact in the morning and had a LOVELY run in Roland Park - hilly, very mild sunny weather, 45 minutes and I appreciated every second of it. Monday should have been OK but I had a morning meetup with a colleague, left run till post-lecture which usually is OK but hadn't reckoned with impact of also needing to do a teaching observation from 6:10-8pm - I got home shortly after 4 and just basically huddled with internet, the idea of getting out and back in to work-acceptable clothes was just too much. Was awake in the night for hours, too many worries and not enough exercise, but did get up and out late morning (needed to be back here by noon for grocery delivery window) for just 30 minutes easy as 4:1. It is GLORIOUS, so sunny and mild, and I felt better and more positive about everything as soon as I was out there. Resolved to make sure I run every day between now and when I need to go to Ottawa again in the days before Xmas.

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