Thursday, November 23, 2017


Thankful I finally got out for a run! It is GORGEOUS, sunny and 30s but very mild, no wind, I wish I could have just been out there for a long time but it wasn't really in the cards. We were late getting in yesterday (flight delayed, and then we had to pick up rental car at Newark and drive HOURS through horrible gridlock to get to my place - don't need car till Friday, but it is impossible to pick one up in Manhattan then), had lie-in this morning and then the traditional diner breakfast that Brent and I always have when he's here. Digestive interval, minor tasks, then just 30 easy as 2:1. Gotta get in shower now and get outta here to get NJ Transit to Rutherford for Tgiving meal at my brother's (my mother will be there too).

30 easy as 2:1

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