Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Fuller update!

Friday: 1hr walk early, PT

Saturday: 1hr as 1:1 jog-walk early, PT, then to the airport for mega-transit

Sunday: arrived in Paris lunchtime, managed to stay up, went for about 1.25hr walk with my landlord who showed me around the neighborhood, did the crucial 75% of PT

Monday: 1hr as 1:1 in Luxembourg Gardens, which are literally five minutes away; PT at end of day (yoga turned out not to be realistic, I hadn't eaten sufficiently)

Today: 30 as 1:1. PT will have to wait till later, I need to get a move on to get ready to go with my landlord to arrange apartment insurance.

Gruesome jet lag last night, I thought it might be OK (up at reasonable hour, no naps, exercise, human contact, tiring new experiences) but I couldn't get to sleep till after 3am, and feel pretty awful right now! A shower will help I expect, and some food and caffeine. Sciatica in R leg still rather sore....

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