Saturday, September 29, 2018

Hot yoga!

FINALLY. It is pitiful, I have a very easy schedule here, but troubling managing the timing of sleep, jogging, fueling, office time has hampered me - if I eat breakfast but not lunch it's too long to hang around at the office till 5, it's more like I finish writing at 2:30 and go home and eat a late lunch! And yes, I need to pay more attention to food, where I am getting it and when I am eating it. But today, after my am 1.5hr jog-walk, I had decent breakfast at home _and_ picked up a ham and cheese sandwich which I ate at the office around 12. A 3hr digestive interval is needed before hot yoga; class at 3 was indeed 90+ minutes, hot but not too hot, GREAT!

90min hot hatha

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