Saturday, March 16, 2019


Undesirably busy week both with work stuff and with BOOK stuff - second half of the week kind of got on top of me. About to go out now and do some decent food shopping ... and will definitely go to 7pm 1hr hot yoga.

Thursday: 1hr as 1:1 (logistics ended up making yoga impossible)
Friday: non-run day, 15 mins PT/ball release/stretch, by end of a long day of book work was too underfueled and done in to make it to 7pm yoga, was annoyed with myself at home afterwards as I clearly had just let myself overwork into deep fatigue! (Wednesday and Thursday were really busy with external commitments involving human contact...)
Saturday: Did my 15 mins PT first as back of R leg is still rather stiff/tight from too much computer time, then 80 mins with 20 warmup as 1:1 and then 60 as 5:1.

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