Thursday, September 19, 2019

Busy week!

Have done my daily exercise but not, I guess, had the wherewithal to log it!

Monday: 30 as 1:1, at the end of the day - I was so tired after teaching (and our first PPC meeting in the morning - it is fatiguing) that I huddled in bed, but did drag myself out as dusk approached, and was very glad of it.

Tuesday: just a short swim, about 700 I think - a third person came in the lane and I didn't have the tolerance to stay!

Wednesday: beautiful 1hr as 1:1, I'd finally had an adequate night of sleep and the weather was less humid (beautiful again today).

Thursday: quiet day, LOVELY swim, will run later.


500 warmup as 5 x 100 swim, kick on back, pull, RaLaCuBa, swim
500 as 4 x 125 as 25 back, 100 free
2 x 200 back as 50 kick, 50 double-arm, 50 pull, 50 full stroke
100 easy swim down

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