Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Finny swim!

Monday evening: 45 as 1:1 (belatedly, and it was still SO WARM even near 9pm!)
Tuesday: lovely swim! Enjoying this very much. Broke out the Zoomers (with sad thought of Doug Stern, their biggest fan), though I think I will need a new pair, these are borderline too small.


Warmup #1:

200 swim
200 kick on back
200 as 2 x 100 RaLaCuBa

Warmup #2:

4 x 75 as kick-drill-swim, first two fly, second two back


Main set:

5 x 100, odds free (long and strong), evens IM

200 kick with board for non-fin yardage (1600 yards total)

Funny and nice bit near the end - because my head was above water, I could hear the lane swim coach getting increasingly frustrated with the guy in the next lane, who was trying to learn fly. Finally she asked me to come into his lane and demonstrate! Which I did, and shared my insight from when I was learning it myself, that it's like a dance in the water, a waltz more specifically - 4 bars of 3. He looked very serious and repeated the words, musingly: "A dance in the water." And proceeded to do a very reasonable length of fly, much better than what he had been doing before!

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