Friday, September 13, 2019


Yes, this was an insanely busy week, I seem not to have logged here since Saturday! (Main log is a Google spreadsheet for my run coach, secondary log is at my Facebook PT accountability group, this one comes third.)

Sunday: 40 as 1:1
Monday: 30 as 1:1
Tuesday: rare zero, should have had a swim but I was in the THICK of finishing my book manuscript, and I did indeed send it out by early evening, so that's all good!
Wednesday: 1hr as 1:1, foot sore, have put clomper back on for everyday wear and have doc appointment for Tuesday morning
Thursday: 1hr as 1:1, foot perhaps slightly less sore (v humid both these 2 days, let it be fall now please!

Today: great swim! (I am finally having a much-needed peaceful day totally to myself.) 1500 yards: 500 warmup as 5 x 100 swim, kick on back, pull, RaLaCuBa, other drill (fists,, finger-drag); 500 as 5 x 100 with 25 back strong 75 free easy focusing on strong pull; 100 back alternating drill and swim, 100 fly as 75 drill, 25 full stroke (YES!), 100 IM, 200 kick with board. Getting back into it for real!

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