Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bike trainer ride!

Hmmm, it may have dawned on the reader that there's not really much of a narrative round here. The training week is a repetitive thing, it is more or less the same, week in and week out!

(I like that about it...)

There may be some mild story building up--I'm mulling over paces and contemplating whether I might aim for 1:56 at the half-marathon in Philadelphia in November, a bit of suspense there as to whether I can pull this off...--but it's not much of a story--it's going to be ages before I can do an actual triathlon! (Though Jackrabbit sponsors a couple indoor ones over the winter, and I'm so there...)

One of the most repetitive (and I fear tedious, though comical) aspects of the non-story has been the cloud of rationalization and procrastination surrounding bicycle-related activities! So I am happy to report a positive development on that front. I just did a real honest-to-god sixty-minute trainer ride!

(I thought I would do ninety minutes, but after about ten I realized I had not sufficiently conceptualized the purpose of the ride to justify the expenditure of will-power that would be required for an extra thirty, and that sixty would be just fine.)

For next time, I will take a look at the various training volumes I've got lying around and actually figure out a workout. Today, I was just concentrating on how it feels and trying to get it right. I did a few drills (clipping out on one side and just pedaling with the other foot, five on each side), counted some cadence (for some reason the bike computer is working otherwise but is not giving cadence, must sort of poke around and see if I can fix that, that's almost the most useful thing on these stationary rides), broke out a sweat. I got a fan that works well, and it's actually a good chance to listen to some music, which I do not seem to do often enough...

This feels like a very minor moral victory...

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Wendy said...

w00t!!! You have now officially triumphed over the trainer!