Thursday, October 18, 2007

Those who have known me

for a long time really will just be looking at me in horror & thinking my brain has been taken over by an alien--but can I just say that swimming really early in the morning is a ridiculously good way to start the day?!? Mmmmm...

A good one this morning, definitely, though perhaps more in the "good for me" than "wonderfully good" mode--on the other hand these workouts where we do a lot of strokes make me just ecstatic on the lengths of free, I definitely had that nice taffy-like feel for lots of 'em.

Warmup: 2 x 250 (was meant to be 3, but we were a bit late getting started) - can't seem now to reproduce exactly details, but it was basically 25 fly 50 back 75 breast with free interspersed

Main set: 3 x 250

#1: 25 fly, 100 free, 25 fly, 100 free
#2: 50 back, 75 free, 50 back, 75 free
#3: 75 breast, 50 free, 75 breast, 50 free

And then the final set (this was my reward for slogging through that breaststroke which I do very badly and slowly):

10 x 100 with pull buoy (after the other one this is like magic!)

1-4 on 2:05
5-7 on 2:00
8-9 on 1:55
10 on 1:50

The coach commented after the first one that he should bump me up a lane, and unfortunately it is true that this interval really was too long for the point of the set--I was having more rest time than I needed. The lane-bumping is a dilemma, though--what I really need is to get much better on the other strokes, and it's better for me to be in the slower lane as far as practicing goes--if I'm in the faster, I fear I'll end up just doing free instead of breast, say, on something like that last one, so that I'm not holding up everyone else in the lane. Maybe it's just a question of being flexible and switching things around, going into the faster lane for the free set and switching back for the other--or at least thinking about different days in different lanes.

I've got a work trip this weekend that will almost certainly mean no swimming, but when I get back I'm going to contemplate my schedule. I want a lot more swimming right now, it's kind of going to be swimming focus round here! But I must keep on making an effort to find biking time even if it still seems totally half-assed...

(One more on-the-one-hand-on-the-other-hand: it's a pity that this workout is only one hour, and that it's hard to get started right at 6--but it is psychologically much less hard to get myself over there for what I know will be kind of a 58-minute workout than a one-hour-plus workout, so perhaps it's for the best...)


Wendy said...

The opening to this post made me laugh out loud!!

I just *knew* you'd need to move up sooner than you thought!

Jenny Davidson said...

Yeah, we'll see how it goes... I will only feel in good conscience that I can move up if I find some evening times in the week when I can practice my other strokes!