Friday, October 26, 2007


A good forty-five-minute session just now in the Teachers College pool, which is funny and small and just mildly squalid but also rather magical & the perfect place to go and practice something. (Here was my small love letter to the Teachers College pool in February; scroll down to the bottom of the post.)

I did 200 or so free to warm up, and then a few lengths of breast, but various muscles reminded me that I had a heavy-duty workout yesterday evening (my hip flexors are squeaky!) and that with a long run tomorrow morning perhaps it was not the right evening to work on breast. So it was all fly-related stuff: a lot of dolphin kick with fins, some dolphin kick with various incarnations of drill arms, some stabs at the full thing with fins (I must go and watch some videos online, I need to figure out the timing thing still) and some stabs at the kick with no fins which show me that I still do not really understand how to do the kick reliably, the fins amplify the aspect of it that's working in a very helpful way but I think my midsection does not understand the movement.

I must just go and practice these things as often as I can, it's a bit silly but this is the way to learn hard things. Turns I will also need to learn in this way, it's not sensible to work on them in a real practice. I will just snatch an hour wherever I can to go and fit this in, if I even reliably did it once a week it would be good--Friday evening's often a good time for it...

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Brent Buckner said...

Timing thing re: butterfly
Standard focus element: priority is for timing of (second) kick to aid the arms clearing in recovery (which also contributes to steadier pace).