Sunday, October 7, 2007

Training schedule for next six weeks

I think I'm going to do one more round of training-to-race rather than moving into base training mode. I'm running the half-marathon on the same day as the Philadelphia marathon on 11/18 [ED.: I am not running both races, that was unfortunate phrasing! It's HELD on the same day as the full marathon...], and because it's a flat course and the temperature's likely to be more moderate I think I've got a good chance of beating my time for this last one, definitely of making my 1:58 goal (barring injury in intervening weeks) and maybe even of hitting 1:56--something to aim for, anyway, coming in the 1:56es...

(I don't feel at all burned out--the half-marathon doesn't require serious recovery time--so I don't think it's a mistake to extend the season in this way?)

So here's my weekly training pattern for the next six weeks. I've got a work trip to Dublin that will give me kind of an enforced weekend off--I've just e-mailed the hotel to ask whether they have reciprocal pool or gym arrangements anywhere, these European hotels are much less likely to have fitness centers than even more modest American establishments and I think it's not likely. I'm flying on a Thursday night overnight and then back again Monday, so really my task for the weekend should be to do one ten-mile run and not worry about anything else, this is a realistic plan.

Mon.: AM personal training session, PM John Jay swim
Tues.: AM CU swim workout, PM run 8 (slow)
Wed.: PM yoga, bike trainer session at home
Thurs.: AM CU swim plus 3 treadmill miles at gym (tempo)
Fri.: CU swim
Sat.: AM run 10 or 12 (slow); PM swim lesson
Sun.: longish bike ride, plus optional technique swim at the Teacher's College pool to work on non-free strokes

This is only two weekly bike sessions, but I'm really focusing heavily on swimming and maintaining or slightly improving run fitness, so I'll wait to add the third bike session till after the half-marathon in November. I'm not taking an actual rest day, so I think for now it's important to keep Friday morning as only one hour of swimming and nothing else, which gives me a full twenty-four hours off before the Saturday run--that, though, is where I think I can add a good bike session once I'm done with the road race season...

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Becca said...

I may be running the last few miles of Philadelphia to help K finish her first marathon, but we will be very slow (she's not timing herself--says she thinks she's running 11-12 minute miles).