Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesday evening run

Hmmm--a rather enjoyable run this evening in the park, only not what I planned! Was sort of imagining 8 slow, but it turned into six and a bit fastish instead--it was just me and S., that guy is just a faster runner than I am!

(I suppose there are five of us right now who I'm e-mailing with run details, B. the slowest, then me and L., then S., then C. But L. and I do the most consistent training, and I do the most cross-training which gives me good endurance--also that's just what I'm suited to, I think, that longer stuff. I had a sudden hilariously horrible vision around mile 4 tonight--in fact now I look at the mile splits it was indeed just where we got rather faster--of what will happen if I do a run just with S. and C., I really will have to swallow my pride and just drop behind, it will be fatal to try and keep up!)

Mile splits: 9:52, 9:25, 9:32, 9:04, 8:56, 8:44 and another quarter mile cooldown.

The fact is that I don't mind being bossy when there are at least two other people, it makes me feel like the Team Leader and it seems on the whole beneficent, but it is not cool to play the tyrant in a group of two and be constantly dictating pace!

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Wendy said...

Except for mile 3, you did them descending. Cool!