Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday evening run

Hmmm, not sure how to categorize this one--mentally tough? Ritual grumble: it is October 23, in New York, it's 8:38pm and it is still 74 degrees with 68% humidity! Accordingly it was one of those slow and just slightly horrible runs with very high perceived effort throughout, though the pace was dishearteningly slow.

However I suppose on a brighter note a run like this is (a) good mental training and (b) good because not hard on the legs. (Noticeably springy-feeling legs, not having worked out with trainer or had Monday-night swimming yesterday...)

6.12 miles, 9:40 average pace, 151 average HR (but it went up a few beats with every mile--155, 157, 159 for last three, though we were not really going much faster...)

I took a nap this afternoon for an hour, it was not very enjoyable either as it wasone of those ones where you're so close to the surface you don't really feel like you're asleep. As far as I could tell, I spent the entire time in the grip of a tiring dream which involved me having found a running route on a map in a strange city that seemed just the right length, a loop round a park that was going to give me a ten-mile run, only then when I actually started doing it it was only one little city block and I just had to keep going round and round...

[ED. And I forgot--my favorite part...--two very bushy and prosperous-looking raccoons trotting across the road, one after another, in the east 90s--wildlife! Actually it really wasn't a terrible run, parts of it quite decent, only S. and I were both just moaning about the weather the whole time!]

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Wendy said...

Urban wildlife!!

Glad you got a successful run in.