Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday swim

Weather was lovely yesterday, colder and overcast today--but I forgot that spring coming means I am afflicted with hay fever! Hmmm....

Lovely swim just now. Coach Henning gave me some advice on flip turns, they are definitely coming along though still very bad. My most serious complaint about masters swim is that it is only an hour, it is all very well for the fast swimmers because they can do the whole workout in that time but I had only time for the warmup and the first set, it rubs me the wrong way not to do the whole thing! Saturday is 90 minutes, but I have a work commitment tomorrow that will almost certainly make me lose fifteen or twenty minutes at the beginning, most irksome...


150 free
100 IM kick
50 back
200 free
50 breast
100 IM drill
150 free

First (and only) set:

25 x 50

ODD sets stroke, EVEN free

First 5 (I did back): 2 kick, 2 drill, 1 swim
Second 5: catch-up free (EVIL, evil drill, v. beneficial...)
Third 5 (I did breast): 1 kick, 1 drill, 3 swim
Fourth 5: swim free
Last 5 (I did 3 back, 2 breast): all swim

And 50 free to cool down and squeeze in a couple more turns. Call it 2100, though honesty compels me to admit that I might have only done 4 x 50 catch-up free (the flip turn consultation was in the middle, and wishful thinking might have made me ready to be done with drown-intensive swimming!)...


Becca said...

M says she HATES catch up free. It's HORRIBLE. Her hands get all fat and they smack up against each other. I hope that doesn't happen to you!

Brent Buckner said...

Perhaps more voting with M on "HORRIBLE" vs. "v. beneficial" respective of catch up.

Ketchup is also not to be relished.

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