Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday swim

Not particularly triaspirational, I would have to confess (for the first five minutes I sort of felt like I'd forgotten how to swim!), but very pleasant...

No coach, and it was pretty much ten past by the time I actually got into the pool, so I did the warmup someone had written up onto the board and then did what I felt like, with an interlude for conversation with new lanemate about the difficulty of trying to convert from being a very flat swimmer to a rotational one!

Warmup: 400 free, 200 IM drill, 200 kick choice (50 dolphin, 50 whip, both with board; 50 kick on back; and 50 6-3-6, since more drill seemed more useful than more kick)

8 x 100, alternating free and IM

That is only 1600, but it really was enjoyable. Was contemplating a swim-bike brick--I have been neglecting that bicycle, it is certainly going to be a very slow race indeed!--but I've got a couple hours of work that must be done this evening and I think it will be more prudent to wait and do a proper bike-run tomorrow afternoon instead.


Wendy said...

Real life sometimes trumps training. Glad to hear it was a good swim!

TriSherpa Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

I hear spring is in NYC now...that should make it easier to hit the bike. :) all that swimming though, wow!

Danielle in Iowa said...

I think I was faster as a flat swimmer.


Hope you find the bike inspiration :-)