Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sufficiently triaspirational Saturday swim-run

Enough is as good as a feast.

That is a proverb I have always liked (I associate it with my grandmother, though I cannot say for certain whether I ever heard her utter it!). Also it is the way I felt about today's training! It was quite a lot, but not at all excessive. Enough was as good as a feast!

I meant to do my run in the morning, but a cascade effect over the last few days led to a series of other things being put off till the last possible moment and in fact I spent the middle of the day today in a frenzy hunting down books at the library and cutting and pasting bits of poetry for handouts and rather frantically getting down some sort of a talk for this dean's day presentation at 3! I did not get up early enough, that's the fact of the matter, and I spent the hours last night when I could have been writing the talk lavishing attention on my slightly-neglected-this-week other blog...

1.0hr. swim, 1.5hr. run (zone 2)

First, the swim! Very enjoyable. A substitute coach gave me some useful advice on my freestyle stroke--I felt she had a good eye. I only had an hour in the pool, as it was impossible to detach from post-lecture conversation promptly at four, but it was a good full solid hour so I cannot complain.

Warmup: 200 swim (with flip turns--and strange to say, they seem to me distinctly better these last couple days--of course, then I didn't do that many for the rest of the workout, probably I will have forgotten how again by Tuesday!)

4 x

2 x 25 drill (I did 2 of each stroke)

1 x 100 IM

2 x 25 fast (these I did all free--I do not really have fast yet for the other strokes...)

Then I skipped straight to the second half of the ladder set due to time constraints:

3 x 100 free on 2:05 (swimming solidly 1:47-48, with fast open turns and a good kick off the wall)

200 50 distance-per-stroke/50 catch-up (yes, commenters from yesterday, after the first 200 I was deeply regretting my sanguine words and rather wishing that one of you was there to give me official permission to substitute in some other drill on the next bit! No such luck...)

2 x 100 free on 2:00

200 50 DPS/50 catch-up

2 x 100 free on 1:55 (by now it should have been 1 x, but since I skipped the 5 and the 4 I felt I had better do a couple on the quicker interval rather than just one)

Then after the coach gave me stroke feedback I did 4 x 50 drill-swim (a couple ones with finger-drag, a couple with zipper), and I closed with 100 swim with turns.

2400 yards total (not bad)

It was about half an hour later by the time I was leaving my apartment to set out on the run. Lovely weather, it makes everything seem less complicated, though I also do not see why we have to go straight from the 40s to the 70s--what happened to the 50s and 60s?!?

Ran over to Central Park and did the full loop. Very minor problems in first three miles or so--not exactly a stitch or a stomach-ache, more like small-fry hybrid offspring of two, only not very intense, wouldn't have stopped me running. I associate it with fueling issues rather than muscular fatigue. I took a gel and some water at Engineers Gate and used the boathouse bathroom and after that everything was fine, in fact it felt pretty great. Nice day for a run!

9 miles, avg HR 154, avg pace 10:20

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Wendy said...

Jenny, this is bordering on spooky.

Right now, sitting beside my laptop is the piece of paper that came out of my fortune cookie the day I left Ottawa. It says, "Enough is as good as a feast."