Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday swim

Well, it is silly, really I missed some good swimming time through (a) unavoidable work-related lateness and (b) wholly avoidable and frivolous (but swimming-related!) conversation on the pool deck--but I must say it was nonetheless a most enjoyable swim. I am always pretty tired by Tuesday evening, but I think I finally lowered my expectations about the Tuesday swim enough that I can enjoy it for what it is.

Unfortunately I could not really mentally construct several of the bizarrely simple drills I did at that lesson yesterday morning! And I talked away all the time that I would have used to do some serious drill-oriented swimming! But I enjoyed what I had, and I do think that just being more mindful of body position should be helpful. Hmmm, for better and for worse, swimming is a sport where the potential for improvement is virtually infinite...

(Got some tips on breaststroke from Coach H., he was helping out the woman in the other half of the lane but as I happened to be doing a very poor length of breaststroke at the same time I was lucky enough to benefit also! Gist: really plunge when moving forward, don't dally/think about it too much/do it gradually?!?)

500 warmup: 150 free, 150 drill-stroke IM (no free), 100 free drill (RA LA CU Swim), 100 IM

24 x 25 (trimmed down--should have been 40--stroke on :40, free on :35--I cannot do double-arm back on :40, arghhh!)

First time through, drill fly and breast; second time through, drill back and free

2 x

3 fly
3 back
3 breast
3 free

Then time was almost up--I did 4 x 25 kick on side (horrible!), concentrating on body position, and swam 50, and it was time to get out...

An altogether meager but on the whole quite enjoyable 1250, that is a pitifully small number!


Danielle in Iowa said...

I always have a hard time reconstructing what I am taught. How come it seems so natural when learning it, but then disappears when alone? Gees!

Jenny Davidson said...

Yes, total mental blur!