Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuesday swim

My good bicycle-related intentions were thoroughly thwarted yesterday and today by the need to do evil, evil taxes--clearly this is going to have to be a recovery week and I will return in full force next week...

But I did have a good swim this evening. Short but fairly satisfactory. I cannot say I am really making progress on flip turns, it just seems difficult to find the time and space to practice, but I am a slow learner on that kind of thing and will just have to trust it will come in time. I did 'em on all the freestyle bits, no matter how horrible...

Warmup: 400 choice (I did 100 free, 100 IM, 200 mix free drill and swim--quite a bit of zipper/salute, also 6-3-6)

Main set (in theory twice through, but I finished the first round only at 6:55 and spent remaining minutes practicing somersaults):

300 as 100 smooth free/50 hard kick (can't remember time)

8 x 25 2 of each stroke on :45

200 as 75 smooth/25 fast on 4:10

8 x 25 odds kick even build (2 of each stroke) on :45

3 x 100 as free (2:00), IM (2:15), free (1:55)

4 x 50 choice (1 of each) on 1:10

1800 yards total, short but not bad really. Got a lot of work to do tomorrow and the next day, but should be able to have a decent bike-run workout tomorrow later afternoon/early evening, a Thursday-morning run and a Thursday evening swim.


Spokane Al said...

I am with you on those flip turns. I keep reading about how flip turns are good for us and gave it a try today after many, many months off. They were ugly but I kept plugging away for the entire swim.

I am certain your flip turns are much more elegant than mine.

Wendy said...

Keep on flippin'! They will get better!

(And you swam farther than I did!)