Thursday, December 16, 2010

Easy Thursday bike

Brent was suggesting the other day that as my ride at IMCd'A, assuming things really do come together for that race, will be mostly zone 1 with stretches of zone 2/3 as I climb hills, the two things I really should be doing sooner rather than later are (1) hill interval training and (2) lots of zone 1 riding, to try and activate the dreaded slowtwitch muscle of which I have naught.

I have had many good intentions over the last month or two about getting on the spin bike and reading a book on my Kindle, but have somehow not actually gotten around to doing it; this afternoon, the time had come...

After several months of not riding at all, I have to say that the saddle on the spin bike seems insanely uncomfortable! I got off after 1 hour only, which is fairly feeble given that I was riding in zone 1. But one must start somewhere, I will try and do 2 hours in the afternoon tomorrow, and have a real outdoor ride on Sunday morning.

1hr., avg HR 119, max HR 132 (zone 1)

I am less confident about cycling HR zones than about running ones, but I am using these numbers for cycling:

Zone 1 (recovery): 105-129
Zone 2 (aerobic): 130-143
Zone 3 (tempo): 144-148
Zone 4 (sub-threshold): 149-159
Zone 5a (super-threshold): 160-163
Zone 5b (aerobic capacity): 164-169
Zone 5c (anaerobic capacity): 170-175

I would think for a two-hour easy ride, I should be aiming to hit the first hour in the top of the 120s and move into the 130s for most of the second hour.

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Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

How did you decide on those numbers? Mine seem obviously different between running and cycling, but I am not sure how to estimate my cycling zones!