Thursday, December 30, 2010

Session #18

Another great workout this morning with Carla. (Legs!)

(Interesting and good new way to use the hip abduction machine, which otherwise I always find a bit easy. Do 3 x 60 with each 60 as 3 x 20, with no rest between, starting on a heavier weight and moving down to a lighter on each successive 20; but do it sitting straight upright, not leaning against the back rest, and with arms folded in front of the chest rather than on side handles. Much harder!)

I'll have my last two appointments with her on Tuesday and Wednesday next week, as Monday's a holiday. I don't need to be at the airport for my flight back to New York until the afternoon.

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Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

I will have to try that with the hip machines! That seems like a lot of reps, but I always had this feeling that I should be doing more at lighter weight than my typical 3x15 (where I have to load it up to feel it).