Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ailment-related grumpiness

Down with a cold for the last couple days; it was clear that there was no point even thinking about exercise, and I canceled exercise meet-up plans for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  I have also slightly pronged something at the back of my left knee (Brent suggests that it may be the popliteus), and though my cold is enough better that I was intending to go to yoga at 4 this afternoon, I thought as I was getting changed about how this bit of the knee feels when leg is fully or hyper-extended and realized that yoga is exactly not what is needed.  Very frustrating!  Hopefully it will be better tomorrow: what I'd really like to do is run in the morning and go to yoga in the evening.  I first noticed the knee thing on Wednesday morning before my workout with Mark; it's stiff when I get up from sitting or get up in the morning, not sore once I'm actually moving around.  May have been related to double spin class the previous night; it seems like the sort of thing that might result from a strong pull on the upstroke against a heavy gear.

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Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

I hope the knee feels better! I've always been glad that none of my random injuries have been my knee. Between my two parents, they only have one original knee left, so I feel like I'm destined to have knee problems down the road!