Friday, February 17, 2012


I've just been fiendishly busy, with no time to make it down to Chelsea Piers, but it was a priority to get there today so as to catch up with the trainer who leads the Beast class: he was hospitalized with a heart problem recently and I had promised some consultation about the possibility of organizing a fitness fundraiser.  Really he's doing well now and it was more pressing just to catch up!  But it reminded me of how much I love Chelsea Piers - not having been there much recently, I found it truly just an oasis of quiet, and I got a ton of work done in the cafe (with a minor distraction when two police detectives came and arrested a man sitting one table over - couldn't figure out what it was for, though another onlooker and I agreed afterwards that the obvious possibilities were that he sold somebody drugs, beat somebody up or stole something...).  Anyway, abs and spin, very good.

.5hr abs
.75hr spin


Brent Buckner said...

Maybe he lifted something.

Black Knight said...

They arrested that man because he dared to stare at you!