Sunday, February 19, 2012

Short run!

Scaled back expectations considerably - clearly there just wasn't space in my week this week for a long run.  I finally got a decent night's sleep last night, which did a good deal to soothe jangly nerves; then had a marathon paper-grading session at the library earlier, but found myself at home mid-afternoon feeling exceptionally lazy.  Beautiful running weather, but I couldn't persuade myself to go more than 40 minutes - in fact, at the 15-minute mark I was very tempted to turn around, though geography aided me in eking it out to 20 on the basis that that takes me to the far side of the boat basin, a scenic turnaround...

(I have at least 4 hours of work still to do this evening, and an unusually taxing week and a half of work stuff coming up, so really it was better not to dig too deep!)

40 min. (c. 4 miles)

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Black Knight said...

Running is always a good break before working again.