Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I've been feeling off-kilter all day - it's a result I think of making the big push to finish this piece (and it might be I miss B. a bit too!). Had thought I'd only need an hour this morning or at most two to finish off last typing of corrections and final proof, but one forgets that a long piece will require much more time for that sort of thing, it was really mid-afternoon by the time I was done. I hadn't showered because I'd imagined I'd be able to run by, say, late morning - but at that point all I felt was UTTERLY KNACKERED. Rainy and cool, didn't think I'd ride to the gym (also that bike makes my knees sore!), but I regretted that decision when the subway train I was on was subject to long delays. Only made it to the gym fifteen minutes late, which I hate (was sitting on train in tunnel thinking that possibly when I feel this emotionally fragile it's not even a good idea to try and get to the gym in the first place!). However the session was good, I caught up with everyone else and had some enjoyable work with others (feel like I've been off schedule and haven't seen as much of regular teammates as I sometimes do). We are all KICKED - nobody could make their assigned weights and sets - it's all good, though!

bench: 3 x 3 @ 115

floor press: 3 x 10 @ 37.5

incline reverse fly: 4 x 20 @ 10

incline row: 4 x 10 @ 42.5

A few halfhearted abs but really we got into chat mode and that was nice too! I'd imagined I might run home, but I slightly pronged something in my knee during the workout and it seemed clear that I'd better quit while I was ahead. Hobbled to a taxi that got me home remarkably quickly - am going to go back out now and find something good to eat. Hot shower was beneficial!

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