Monday, April 11, 2016


I took a reluctant zero yesterday - spent a good chunk of the day at my office trying to get on top of a mountain of work stuff (there is one job that truly is almost too big for me to get my head around it!), lay down for a brief rest at 4:30 and woke up THREE hours later, feeling admittedly much better but completely disinclined (it was dark already) to go out for the long run.

Have a work commitment later that means I can't go to powerlifting, so I set up a midmorning appointment with Josh - it's way too many weeks since I powerlifted (I lose grip strength more than I lose actual strength!). Had meant to run home after but lungs were too full of junk and the postnasal drip too is making me crazy - I'll do a shorter run later if I can.

The lifting session went really well. Work sets I think as follows:

Deficit deadlift: 7 x 2 x 195 (bar, 20kg bumpers, 10lb plates and a 20lb chain on each end so that the load's heavier at the top of the lift)

Volume deadlift set (no deficit): 10 x 155, 12 x 155

Farmer's walk: 3 out-and-back @ 37.5

Bar shrugs @ 95: 4 x 30

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