Friday, November 25, 2016

Long run!

Actually quite closely approaching to blissful - a true running meditation. It's beautifully sunny this morning albeit colder, that may have been a factor: the days are so short here at this time of year, add that to raininess and I think I am genuinely physiologically suffering from light deprivation. I took a sleeping pill last night, I was just DONE, which meant I slept from maybe 9pm to 7:30am, woo-hoo! (It's not as good as "real" high-quality sleep but there are times when it is worth the tradeoff, last night was one of those!) I was well-hydrated but didn't need to pee, my back didn't hurt and at the 1hr turnaround I met the most hilariously friendly dog who frolicked with me for some time following. Brent is getting here tomorrow! Anyway, good mood all round.

2hr easy

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