Monday, November 21, 2016


Really tiring weekend travels. I got up this morning and ate breakfast and pretty much just went back to bed to huddle, it was wintry and stormy outside - but grudgingly admitted to myself after a while that (a) I wasn't falling back asleep and (b) I really would feel better if I would just get out the door and do my run. Fresh air was helpful and the weather wasn't as bad as it seemed from indoors. Then I had a very good afternoon session at the library, and I think I'm going to take the rest of the evening off and read a novel or two (possibly a chapter of Gibbon as well if I feel like it). Grateful for the fact that running and library work both ease my soul when I am feeling dispirited or negative! Also grateful for the fact that this week I do NOT have to celebrate Thanksgiving! It's never been a holiday I'm keen on - I don't like the food much, it comes at a horrible time in the school year, the iconography and the occasion are also historically discredited - and it is a boon to be missing it completely!

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