Wednesday, November 16, 2016


That was glorious - it's an incredibly beautiful day, sunny and clear and mid-50s but with a hint of wintriness in the air. I moved around the days as it makes most sense to put the easiest and shortest run earlier in the day before I squat. Juggling logistics for a weekend trip to Cambridge, which has to be routed through (two different train stations) in London; I think I am going to London Friday afternoon, seeing a friend, staying in the same hotel near King's Cross that I was in a few weeks ago and then doing a run in the morning along canals there before getting train to Cambridge for lunchtime. Undecided whether to do long run Friday morning here or Saturday morning in London, but leaning towards the former, it seems more realistic.

90 minutes with some unstructured faster running in second half (really I am not an unstructured person, and the terrain isn't at all variable, so call it 5 x 2 minutes harder, 3 minutes easy!)

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