Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Ah, I had a bit of a tough day. Woke up to use the bathroom at 5 and couldn't subsequently stop reading news on my phone. Had good blinders-on work session on Austen in the morning, as I was having a hard time concentrating yesterday afternoon, and basically felt that I was still so upset about Marc's death and Diana's bereavement that I had no energy to spare for election-related woes! (Also, Brexit prepared me, I was sorry but not shocked.) Then I took a deep nap and woke up very groggy and dispirited around 3:45 - it was tough to drag myself out of bed, and even tougher to disrobe in FREEZING English flat and put on running clothes and get out the door - but I did, and I do feel a lot better now (and also have eaten a tuna melt, didn't have lunch because I thought nap would just be brief and then I'd run...)

1:05 very slow rainy dark run....

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