Thursday, November 10, 2016


Ah, such a good session - I was feeling really awful before (cold, sleepy, a bit headachy), but took a caffeine pill and some advil beforehand and then had a really, really cheering session of work on the dreaded squat. Felt great afterwards, stopped at mini-supermarket and bought way more food than I intended and not quite of the ideal sort (hungry person's shopping), came home and made two donations (one to the NAACP, the other to the Southern Poverty Law Project) and in general am just feeling much less out of sorts with myself. Had good production of quota session this morning despite temptation to wallow in misery. Life is quiet enough here that I really can't afford to let myself stay out of sorts, gonna focus on getting myself really back into good spirits - going to curry night at the funny place next door tonight with my neighbor, will do yoga Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 2 hard/long run workouts on calendar for tomorrow and Saturday, Balliol concert night Sunday. All good!

1hr high-quality strength stuff!

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