Thursday, November 24, 2016


I have been grumpy all week about how my own choices have thwarted actual desires! I put aside Austen book at the end of last week in theory to switch over to writing the second lecture for next week, but in fact I've barely worked on it at all as I had three library appointments, two daytime talks, an evening workshop - also three letters of recommendation I needed to write - anyway, it's just sorta one of THOSE weeks! And when I have a 10am appointment, as I did today (unavoidably given other priorities i.e. 2pm trainer session at the gym), and when it is so dark still in the morning, it is somehow virtually impossible for me to get myself out of bed and out the door in time to run before first external commitment. Anyway today it worked out OK. Had a great session at the Balliol archive, came home and organized the stuff I'd looked at, then ran - have eaten small lunch, won't shower, will head over to gym shortly so I have plenty of time to stretch and warm up pre session. Today's run was a little short (should have been 50) but close enough.

:43 easy

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