Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It is the most outrageously beautiful day for a run: almost 50 degrees, incredibly bright and sunny, with that springlike feeling of thaw in the air (the snow is by now almost entirely gone after a day of warmish rain yesterday).  Saw a cormorant bobbing with gulls in the water just north of the boat basin.

Only went 45 mins., not a full hour, as (a) I was a little late getting out and (b) my right lower calf was ridiculously tight and stiff.  Stopped to stretch it out a few times, and it was much better by the end of the run, but it is noticeable that a week without much yoga makes that area feel as though a block of wood has been taped to it when I run!  NB do 20-30min. yoga on mat at home if I can't get to more classes: I never have been in the habit of doing this, but it would surely be beneficial. 

45min run (c. 4 miles)


Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

I have a really hard time with doing yoga at home. I think getting "in the zone" is just too difficult. Especially as I will be holding a pose and looking around and thinking "I need to dust that shelf" or "that picture is crooked"

Bobbie said...

I am slightly jealous... my knee is keeping me from doing anything right now :(

Black Knight said...

The cormorant, beautiful birds. Here there is a colony of cormorant near the path I run through: you know I run near the sea.