Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Spin, yoga

Nose still very runny, but really I can't wait forever for it to stop!  Had a good spin workout on my own at Chelsea Piers, then yoga with Lauren (last time before she leaves town).  Have some good plans (good, but slightly expensive!) for getting back to peak fitness, about which more anon.  I'm going to Cayman on Saturday for a week, during which I'll mostly just do much yoga and some treadmill running, but hit things hard once I'm back here from Jan. 17 going forward.

1hr spin (5 x 5min zone 3, 3min easy)
1.25hr yoga


Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

Runny noses are dealable, as long as it is out of your chest!

Black Knight said...

Have a safe trip and treadmill is .... better than nothing.