Saturday, October 12, 2013


FOUR MILES VERY EASY! Ugh, what a relief, I have not enjoyed this past week one bit. It continues to amaze me how ill one feels, and for how long, on the basis of an ordinary cold. I first had raw throat and dry cough Wed. 10/2, sore throat and escalating symptoms Thursday, by Fri. 10/4 I had an absolutely dreadful streaming cold that pretty much lasted all through the week! On Thursday 10/10, I had made it through my weekend conference and the demanding teaching week and my energy levels were returning to normal, but both lungs and head were full of JUNK and exercise was still contraindicated, ditto yesterday. Still not 100%, that bronchitis takes a while to go away, but I was not willing to wait any longer...

4mi easy, 42:30

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