Saturday, October 19, 2013


Running is good for the soul! It turned into a very demanding week work-wise, with lingering bronchitis too, so all of my good intentions about getting back on a regular exercise schedule went out the window. (I am still a bit behind on letters of recommendation and a rewrite on a book review, plus normal week's prep stuff.) Ran a bit too fast for opening minutes (B.'s here, his easy easy is my mid-zone 2, which I should not do without a warm-up when my lungs are still full of junk - we parted ways at .7mi, I eased off a little after that), lungs very raw and sore for first half hour. Then they felt good and I was just full of bliss and gratitude at being outside in what is perfect perfect running weather (low 60s, sunny, hint of fall crispness in the air).

The next six or seven weeks will be very demanding work-wise, and I have no fantasies about achieving amazing feats of endurance or picking up mad boxing skillz over that spell of time, but I am hoping that I can at least now get back on what I think is a sensible "six hours a week non-negotiable exercise of any sort," mostly concentrating on running and yoga.

1:01, c. 5.8mi

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