Friday, December 27, 2013


That was such a nice little run - New York winter running is lovely, it is a forgiving climate, high 30s and the ground is completely clear despite various recent episodes of snow. Took me a few miles to warm up (lower legs rather stiff and tight), and I decided just to do four miles as I am also hoping to get to hot yoga this evening - running into a fairly chilly headwind on the way out - but the homeward leg was beautiful, and made me wish I'd gone longer.

(Happy to see an elderly gentleman feeding the tennis court calico kibble out of a ziplock bag - he had some fleece blankets to wrap her in too!)

(It was unrealistic to exercise Wednesday or Thursday, with travel and family obligations - I had hoped for a run or a yoga or both, but it totally didn't happen!)

43min, c. 4mi

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